Sino-Thai Special Programs

The Sino-Thai International Education Center of Kasetsart University (KU-STIEC)


On November 28, 2023, the MOU between Kasetsart University (KU)and the East & West Institute for International Education (EWIE) of China was signed, and by which the Sino-Thai International Education Center of Kasetsart University (KU-STIEC) was established. KU-STIEC underscores the dedication of both parties to fostering a robust academic partnership, aligning with the broader goal of global engagement and the facilitation of knowledge exchange.

Through KU-STIEC, Kasetsart University plans to leverage its innovative “KU-Lifelong Learning” approach to extend the reach of its educational offerings beyond national borders, particularly targeting the growing number of Chinese students seeking international experiences, while EWIE solidifies its commitment to international education. The formation of the KU-STIEC not only laid the groundwork for a new era of educational collaboration, but will serves to facilitate comprehensive academic collaboration and support initiatives that bridge the two nations.

KU-STIEC stands as a key instrument for both parties to expand its international presence and actively participate in shaping the future of transnational education, thereby contributing to the cultivation of a generation of globally-minded scholars and professionals equipped with the skills necessary to thrive in an interconnected world.


  1. Facilitate academic exchanges and understanding between Thai and Chinese students and faculty members through various international programs and events.
  2. Establish joint-degree programs and collaborative research projects between Kasetsart University and its Chinese counterparts.
  3. Offer language courses and training sessions to enhance proficiency in Thai and Mandarin languages for both Thai and Chinese students.
  4. Serve as a platform for sharing best practices in teaching methodologies and educational resources between Thailand and China.
  5. Foster a global learning environment where students can gain international exposure and prepare for global careers.
  6. Encourage and support the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents through cross-border cooperation, workshops, and seminars.

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