Health insurance

Get a Health insurance of life at KUIC


Kasetsart University requires all international students to have medical, health, and accident insurance covering them for the duration of their study period. Medical and health care costs are the personal responsibility of each student. If a student does not obtain adequate insurance, the student must bear the costs for any sickness or accident personally and directly.

If an international student does not have sufficient medical, health, accident insurance coverage before the student arrives in Thailand, the student must buy coverage under an approved insurance plan. KUIC has a partnership with Allianz Ayudhya.

For more information, please contact Kasetsart University International College. Email: 

The KU approved health plan costs 8,500 THB/year.

Payment can be made by making payment to the designated bank account. 

Benefit Plan

  • Inpatient Hospitalization
    (a) Room & Board
    – in case of a Non-intensive Care Room 1,200 THB / day
    – in case of an Intensive Care Unit (max 15 days) 2,400 THB / day
    (b) Hospital General Expenses and Hospitalization Benefit 20,000 THB / disability
    (c) Emergency Accidental Outpatient Treatment 5,000 THB / disability
    (d) Specialist’s Consultation Fees
    – Surgery 2,500 THB
    – Non-Surgery 2,000 THB
    (e) Emergency Ambulance Service Fees 1,000 THB / disability
    * Nursing Service is included in Room and Board
  • Surgical Treatment (Non schedule) 25,000 THB / disability
  • Physician’s Hospital Visit 600 THB / day
  • Outpatient Treatment 1,200 THB / visit
    (Maximum 1 visit/day & 30 visits/year)
  • Personal Accident 100,000 THB
    (covered 50% in case of Motorcycle Accident)

NOTED: For students who already have health insurance, please send a photocopy of your health insurance card showing coverage for the duration of your studies at KU.  Email:

You can purchase Allianz Ayudhya General health insurance by yourself following this step below:

  1. Complete the application form and select your preferred plan (5 months, 6 months, or 1 year). Print out the bill payment form.

  2. Go to TTB Bank (you can find locations >> TTBBankGoogleMAPS) and pay for the insurance policy by cash.

  3. TTB Bank will give part of the bill payment form back to you – please bring that part of the form to KUIC by 14:30 that same day**.

  4. KUIC will receive your health insurance card within 3 weeks after your application has been completed. KUIC will send you an email when the card arrives, then you may come to the KUIC office to pick it up.

**We recommend you complete the health insurance application on the same day, as soon as you arrive at KU campus.