Kasetsart University Short Session (KUSS)

Kasetsart University Summer School (KUSS)


This program is designed for students who would like to gain international classroom experiences while exploring Thai culture from one of Thailand’s top universities.


International students who meet the following conditions are eligible to apply for KUSS:

  • Students must be enrolled as full-time students in “good standing” at their home university.
  • Students must have university-level proficiency in English: students may provide evidence of their English proficiency (if a non-native English speaker) via a reliable English proficiency test (IELTS or equivalent) or by other assessment as attested to in the partner institution’s nomination letter)

Student Status

Upon admission to KUSS, students will have status as “visiting students”.

Students are not admitted to a full-time degree program at Kasetsart University.

Upon successful completion of the program, a certificate of completion will be awarded, and an official transcript of record will be provided to each student.

Academic Program

The academic program combines academic study, and practical application of disciplinary doctrines, and seeks to develop cross-cultural awareness.

KUSS can arrange for 2-3 weeks, with KU credits or non-KU credits.

Cultural experiences will focus on Thai history and introductory/functional language skills.  Tours will involve visits within Bangkok and nearby locations.

We can arrange to visit the famous historical places (such as Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho), museums, environmental conservation stations, and an international company that can address some of the issues related to cross-border trade and the importance of developing cross-cultural competency skills.

We will try to introduce visiting international students to our Thai students, to integrate the academic experience. Often, the Thai Buddies build friendships that endure outside the classroom.

The academic component will involve some in-class sessions at one of Kasetsart University’s campuses, so students can experience the environment of studying in a new environment.

Some aspects of the program may be modified to meet the educational objectives of the home university.

Tuition & University fees

Tuition and University Fees will depend on the duration of the program and the type of activities that the home university/institute wishes to achieve during its affiliation with Kasetsart University Summer Session.

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