About KUIC

Kasetsart University International College (KUIC) is an administrative and academic unity within Kasetsart University (KU) and has a key role in arranging and delivering a variety of international educational programs.  KUIC supports KU’s internationalization mission and offers a wide variety of international programs for students who come to KU from across the globe.

There are two aspects of KUIC’s organizational structure. KUIC’s organizational charts reflects its functional responsibilities and also the systems it uses to ensure its efficient and effective management. There are three primary organizational structures that can be used to view KUIC’s range of responsibilities and capacities—academic, financial, and human resources.




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To be a center that coordinates international educational initiatives; offers training, gives advice, and provides services to KU’s international students; and publicizes and promotes international curricular offerings of Kasetsart University to enhance the university’s reputation internationally.

To develop cooperative networks among local and international institutions and locate sources of fund and scholarship for educational, training and exchange programs that strengthen the university’s academic reputation internationally.

To encourage Kasetsart University’s students, academic staff, and lecturers to engage in exchange programs or cooperative research with other international institutions.

To assist in the development Kasetsart University’s regional reputation for academic excellence that fulfills the Kingdom of Thailand’s mission—to make Thailand the center of education in Asia.


Become a leading international college within the ASEAN Community that promotes diverse academic programs.


  • To provide one-stop administrative services that efficiently support the needs of international students.
  • To organize international academic programs and courses that provide interdisciplinary knowledge and promote the development of lifelong learning skills.

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