Admission for Bachelor Degree Program


Persons with the following qualifications are eligible to apply for admission to one of Kasetsart University’s international programs. Each Faculty or degree program may have higher admission requirements. The following minimum requirements are these:

  1. Applicants to a Bachelor degree program must have completed High School (or equivalent). Find all certificate/diploma levels are accepted follow by the regulations of Kasetsart University degree equivalency as link below.
  1. Applicants who are not native-English speakers or did not graduate from an English-language program must provide proof of English competency (IELTS overall score at least 5.5 or TOEFL equivalent)
  2. Applicants must be free from infectious diseases, or other handicaps that can hinder their study.
  3. Applicants must provide proof other capacity to bear all expenses for the duration of their study in Thailand.
  4. Applicants must be able to obtain the required Thailand visa.
  5. Applicants must not have a record of misconduct, must demonstrate good manners, and certify to Kasetsart University that they will be attentive, make fullest use of their capability in their study, and strictly conform to rules and regulations of the Faculty, Kasetsart University, and the Kingdom of Thailand.
  6. If the Applicant provides false credentials or fails to meet any of the conditions listed above, the applicant will have his or her admission declined, or if already admitted, his or her student’s student status may be immediately nullified.


Other qualifications are subject to the admission standards and consideration of the Faculty/Department to which the Applicant seeks admission. Please ask for further information regarding the qualifications or conditions directly from that Faculty or Department.

How to apply

Fill out application form and prepare all required documents. Then Scan the application form and all required documents send to KUIC by 

Required Documents

  1. A complete application form (attach your photo).
  2. A scanned copy of passport (at least 6 months before your passport expires).
  3. Proof of English scores (TOEFL or IELTS). Your score should not over 2 years from the issue date. Applicants who are not native-English speakers or did not graduate from an English-language program must provide proof of English competency (IELTS overall score at least 5.5 or TOEFL equivalent)
  4. An official academic transcript, or other equivalent proof of certificates or diplomas issued by the institution you graduated from must be a complete version clarifying a record of all courses you have taken in each academic semester along with the date of graduation, credits, and grades.**
  5. SAT Scores (Scholastic Assessment Test). If you choose any program related with math-science, engineering, agro-industry.
  6. A motivation letters.
  7. Recommendation letter (3 references persons from home institution).
  8. An Equivalency Certificate or Provisional Equivalency Certificate. (by Chulalongkorn University Academic Testing Center. )

Remarks :

All documents must be in English; or attach an official certified English translation. And attach the original documents.

How to provide an Equivalency Certificate or Provisional Equivalency Certificate

The high school equivalency certificate system is managed by Chulalongkorn University Academic Testing Center.

Candidates with a foreign high school diploma (or attended a foreign high school) should request an Equivalency Certificate or Provisional Equivalency Certificate to apply for admission to a bachelor’s degree program at Kasetsart University. 

Candidates can request an Equivalency Certificate from the Council of University Presidents of Thailand via this link: High School Certificate Equivalency System (

Application period

Academic year 2023 : 1st October 2022 – 30th April 2023

Academic year 2024 : 1st October 2023 – 30th April 2024

 Admission Procedures

  1. After receiving the completed application form and required documents, KUIC will forward them to the Faculty/Program to consider the application.
  2. The Faculty/Degree Program will inform KUIC of its decision. Then KUIC will inform the applicant of the admission result.
  3. KUIC will send the invitation letters to the applicant.
  4. Applicants will need the invitation letters to request a Non-Immigrant ED VISA (Student VISA) from a Thai Embassy / Consulate.

Tuition and International Student Fees  

  • Tuition Fee(s): approximately 60,700-90,000 Thai Baht per semester (depend on the program you choose)
  • International Student Fee: 10,000 Thai Baht per semester

** The tuition fees pay per semester**

The Entire duration of Undergraduate degree is 4 years. 1 Academic year consists of 2 main semesters.

  • First semester start from August – December
  • Second semester start from January – May

Tuition fees are subject to change following Kasetsart University and/or Faculty announcement.

Semester Start

Beginning of August 2023, (Waiting for exact calendar to be announced)

Cost of living (Approximately cost)

Below is a list of the estimated expenditures students may incur during their stay in Thailand. These amounts vary, depending on personal needs and lifestyle. This example excludes non-essentials and major items such as shopping, entertainment, computers, electronic/communication devices, international airfare and domestic travel plans, etc.

Actual costs depend on type of residence, type of room and living style. Actual rental depends on whether there is room sharing and whether utilities are included in the rent.

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Admission for Master/ Doctoral Degree Program

Qualifications and Application

Details Relevant Documents Available Programs Bangkhen Campus Kamphaeng Saen Campus Sriracha Campus Chalermphrakiat Sakon Nakhon Province Campus General Application Information Academic year The academic calendar mostly consists of two semester (Two-semester system). The summer session is scheduled to meet the requirements of each. 1st semester : August – December 2nd Semester : January – May Summer Session : June – July Application Fee All graduate international applicants will be required to pay 500.00 THB for an application fee. Study Periods The maximum permissible period for the completion of a master’s degree does not exceed 5 academic years as deemed from the date of acceptance for study by The Graduate School. The maximum permissible period for the completion of a doctoral degree does not exceed 8 academic years for candidates with a bachelor’s degree, and does not exceed 6 academic years for candidates with a master’s degree. Students are to register for doctoral degrees for a duration of not less than 4 regular semesters, and students are to study for not less than 3 regular semesters at Kasetsart University Program Structure Master’s Degree Program The Master’s Degree structure consists of a curriculum with a minimum of 36 accumulated credits. The Master’s Degree structure is classified into 2 plans Plan A is a research oriented program which is characterized by two subcategories as follows:

  • Plan A1 consists of a minimum of 36 credits for the thesis. The departments or the programs may require additional audited class participation or involvement in further academic activities which are subject to attainment of achievements as determined by The Graduate School.
  • Plan A2 consists of a minimum of 12 credits for the thesis and a further minimum of 12 credits for course work.
  • Plan B is a course work oriented program.

Students are required to check website from The Graduate School under following link:

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Admission Information

KU offers exchange/non-degree/visiting programs in a wide variety of disciplines to international students. Students may enter for one semester, one year, one summer session, or for a specially arranged short module. The programs include:

  1. Kasetsart University Student Exchange Program (KUSEP)
  2. Non-Degree Program
  3. Visiting Program (KUIC-AA, KU Visit)
Applicant Eligibility

Students must:

  • be enrolled at their home institution in a degree program at the time of application and for the duration of their studies at Kasetsart University
  • have successfully completed at least one year of degree studies at their home university
  • have good English proficiency
  • be in good health, physically and mentally, with the capacity to live and study abroad
  • demonstrate a strong interest in living in Thailand and be ready to accept Thailand’s culture, which may differ from their home environment
  • have sufficient financial resources to cover all of their personal costs of living for the duration of their studies at KU, including course materials or books, transportation, visa fees, accommodations, medical and health insurance, food, and any other fees or personal living expenses.

An international student comes to KU from either an affiliated Partner University or as a visiting student from an unaffiliated institution.

Students from Partner University
  • Many of our visiting students are affiliated with one of KU’s partner institutions, in which case the terms of the visit are defined by the governing Partnership Agreement, usually in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Memorandum of Agreement MOA).
  • Students coming from a partner institution must first be nominated by their home university. Contact your university’s Study Abroad or International Affairs Office for application information and details.
  • Often, the Partnership Agreement is based on a principle of a reciprocal exchange of students and tuition is waived (however, personal expenses remain the obligation of the student).


The governing Partnership Agreement may be limited to the academic program and courses offered at a specific Faculty/Department at KU. Students may petition for special permission to take classes in another Faculty/Department, in which case additional fees may be required.

Students from Non-Partner Institution / KU Student Exchange Program (KUSEP)

Many Visiting Students from non-partner institutions come to KU under special arrangements, such as the programs arranged by Asia Exchange. Asia Exchange students should contact Asia Exchange directly for details. (See

Visiting Students from non-partner institutions are warmly welcomed to apply directly and may seek individual admission under our KU Student Exchange Program (KUSEP).

  • Visiting KUSEP Students must first submit their personal application, seeking admission to only one of KU’s International/English Language academic programs.
    NOTE: A Visiting Student who is admitted to a specified Faculty/Department should take the majority of their course work at that host Faculty/Department; however, the student may petition for permission to take a few classes from another Faculty/Department.
  • Contact KUIC for more information about programs and tuition fee via email:
Required Documents
  1. Photocopy of your passport (photo and personal information pages)
  2. Scanned copy of your Official Transcript (or academic record) of your current degree studies, including the degree name and level of your degree program
  3. Nomination Letter from your home university
  4. If not a native English speaker, proof of English proficiency test or other assessment (may be provided in the Partner’s Nomination Letter)
  5. Master‘s Degree Applicant: Scanned copy of any original degree certificate and complete Official Transcript of your Bachelor’s degree with authorized English translation
  6. Doctoral Degree Applicant: Scanned copy of any original degree certificate and complete Official Transcript of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs with authorized English translation
  7. Proof of Medical/Health Insurance coverage for the duration of your studies
  8. Scanned copy of Certified Scholarship Award Letter (if applicable)


* All of the documents must be in English and need to be certified copies of the originals. Documents that are not in English must be accompanied by certified English translations.
* Official Transcripts issued by the institution from which you graduated must be a complete version detailing all courses and final grades with details including the academic semester and dates when credits, or graduation, occurred.
* If your degree certificate does not clearly state the name and the level of your degree, you will need a certifying letter from your university to confirm that your degree is equivalent to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
* You must submit the completed application with required documentation at least 3 months before the semester starts.

For more information:

Tuition Fee

Tuition fees and study expenses vary depending on the program. Tuition and fees are often waived for a student from our Partner Institution or University based on a written agreement. Please contact the Study Abroad or International Affairs Office at your home university for more details.

How to Apply
  1. Complete the Application for KU International Students online, via Google Chrome web browser.
    * You must use only Google Chrome web browser. *
    Online Application Link:
  3. Fill in your personal information, check accuracy and attach the scanned copies of the Required Documents
  4. After you submit your application online, the system will show your Ticket Number to enable you to monitor the status of your application.

For more information please visit:

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Visit the KUIC

As soon as you arrive and before the semester starts You are advised to arrival in Thailand at least 2 weeks before the semester start. Please visit KUIC at Floor 6, Rapee Sagarik Building, and show your letter of acceptance (LOA), Official Transcript or diploma and medical checkup certificate. KUIC staff will advise and assist you with:

• registering as a new student
• making a KU Student ID Card
• setting up a WIFI account (Nontri Account) for internet access on KU campus