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The KU International Foods Fair 2023 in Celebration of the 80th Anniversary of Kasetsart University on 5th September 2023

One of the exciting programs from Kasetsart University International College is the International Foods Fair, which was held on September 5th, 2023, at Rapee Sagarik Building. The event comprises 15 countries including Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Italy, Cambodia, The Philippines, Japan, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ghana, France, China, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Moreover, the programs from KITMAN, KUBIM, SIS, and BEcon as well as the IAD division.

Food is not just something we eat to fill our stomachs. It is consciousness. The love, attention, and toil with which it is shopped for, prepared hours or even days before, cooked with patience, and served with love have a huge impact on how it turns out and how it affects us. People have bonded over the process of cooking, therefore, this event is making our students bond with each other obviously. Food has been the cornerstone of any food culture around the world. In difficult times, like poverty and war, no matter how little, food has comforted people repeatedly. What was considered a poor man’s food is now famous comfort food dishes around the world. Food recipes passed down from one generation to another have become the identity of families and their lineages. Foods cooked for celebrating rituals, traditions, and occasions have now become a part of rich history. It shapes their identity. It becomes important to the culture. It becomes their culture.

Therefore, the International Food Fair promotes the culture and rituals of Ku students around the world. We have proudly presented 80 menus from around the world!!