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Spend your next few years studying at a center of intensive scholarship and taking advantage of our multidimensional academic experience.

Admission Information

KU offers non-degree classes in a wide variety of disciplines to visiting international students. Students may visit for one semester, one year, one summer session, or for a specially arranged short module. The non-degree programs include:

  1. Credit courses.
    Credit courses are offered to exchange and visiting students by one of KU’s International/English Language degree programs. Visiting students normally attend regularly scheduled classes with Thai students and other international students who are enrolled in the degree program. Although the vast majority of the academic programs at KU are taught in the Thai language, KU offers several degree programs entirely in English. These degree programs lead to Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degrees. Additionally, some KU Faculty /Departments (such as Architecture or Environmental Studies) offer occasional classes in English; the classes may vary from year to year. List of KU’s International/English Language Degree Programs:
  2. Internship programs
  3. Training programs
  4. Research programs

Academic Calendar

International and English Language Programs
  • Semester 1 August-December
  • Semester 2 January-May

Exceptions: Faculty of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering and Business Administration program follow the regular Thai programs calendar

Regular Thai Programs
  • Semester 1 July-November
  • Semester 2 December-March

You can find more information by clicking Academic Calendar

Deadline Application

The application deadline is approximately 3 months before the date studies begin. Specific deadlines dates will be announced later.

*Admission for internships, training and research programs may be done all year round, according to the dates established by the sponsoring Faculty/Department.

Applicant Eligibility

Students must:

  • be enrolled at their home institution in a degree program at the time of application and for the duration of their studies sat Kasetsart University
  • have successfully completed at least one year of degree studies at their home university
  • have good English proficiency
  • be in good health, physically and mentally, with the capacity to live and study abroad
  • demonstrate a strong interest in living in Thailand and be ready to accept Thailand’s culture, which may differ from their home environment
  • have sufficient financial resources to cover all of their personal costs of living for the duration of their studies at KU, including course materials or books, transportation, visa fees, accommodations, medical and health insurance, food, and any other fees or personal living expenses.

An international student comes to KU from either an affiliated Partner University or as a visiting student from an unaffiliated institution

* Students from Partner University

  • Many of our visiting students are affiliated with one of KU’s partner institutions, in which case the terms of the visit are defined by the governing Partnership Agreement, usually in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Memorandum of Agreement MOA).
  • Students coming from a partner institution must first be nominated by their home university. Contact your university’s Study Abroad or International Affairs Office for application information and details.
  • Often, the Partnership Agreement is based on a principle of a reciprocal exchange of students and tuition is waived (however, personal expenses remain the obligation of the student).


The governing Partnership Agreement may be limited to the academic program and courses offered at a specific Faculty/Department at KU. Students may petition for special permission to take classes in another Faculty/Department, in which case additional fees may be required.

* Students from Non-Partner Institution / KU Student Exchange Program (KUSEP)

Many Visiting Students from non-partner institutions come to KU under special arrangements, such as the programs arranged by Asia Exchange. Asia Exchange students should contact Asia Exchange directly for details. (See

Visiting Students from non-partner institutions are warmly welcomed to apply directly and may seek individual admission under our KU Student Exchange Program (KUSEP).

  • *Visiting KUSEP Students must first submit their personal application, seeking admission to only one of KU’s International/English Language academic programs.
    NOTE: A Visiting Student who is admitted to a specified Faculty/Department should take the majority of their course work at that host Faculty/Department; however, the student may petition for permission to take a few classes from another Faculty/Department.
  • Contact KUIC for more information about programs and tuition fee via email:

Required Documents

  1. Photocopy of your passport (photo and personal information pages)
  2. Scanned copy of your Official Transcript (or academic record) of your current degree studies, including the degree name and level of your degree program
  3. Nomination Letter from your home university
  4. If not a native English speaker, proof of English proficiency test or other assessment (may be provided in the Partner’s Nomination Letter)
  5. Master‘s Degree Applicant: Scanned copy of any original degree certificate and complete Official Transcript of your Bachelor’s degree with authorized English translation
  6. Doctoral Degree Applicant: Scanned copy of any original degree certificate and complete Official Transcript of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs with authorized English translation
  7. Proof of Medical/Health Insurance coverage for the duration of your studies
  8. Scanned copy of Certified Scholarship Award Letter (if applicable)


* All of the documents must be in English and need to be certified copies of the originals. Documents that are not in English must be accompanied by certified English translations.
* Official Transcripts issued by the institution from which you graduated must be a complete version detailing all courses and final grades with details including the academic semester and dates when credits, or graduation, occurred.
* If your degree certificate does not clearly state the name and the level of your degree, you will need a certifying letter from your university to confirm that your degree is equivalent to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
* You must submit the completed application with required documentation at least 3 months before the semester starts.

For more information:

Tuition Fee

Tuition fees and study expenses vary depending on the program. Find more information from…

Tuition and fees are often waived for a student from our Partner Institution or University [Go to Website] based on a written agreement. Please contact the Study Abroad or International Affairs Office at your home university for more details.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Application for KU International Students (Non-degree Programs) online, via Google Chrome web browser.
    * You must use only Google Chrome web browser. *
    Online Application Link:
  3. Fill in your personal information, check accuracy and attach the scanned copies of the Required Documents
  4. After you submit your application online, the system will show your Ticket Number to enable you to monitor the status of your application.

Application Status and Admission Decision

  1. The application review process normally takes no longer than 3 weeks. Once an admission decision has been made by the host Faculty/Department, KU’s International Affairs Division (IAD) will send you an email. Or, you can check the status of your application online by enter your Ticket Number at CHECK STATUS Menu
  2. Your application status will include the following information:
    1. Faculty/Department’s decision on your application (Faculty Decision)
    2. Electronic issuance of a Letter of Acceptance letter (LOA) and a Visa Facilitation Letter (LOA & Letter for Visa). See below for more details.
    3. Electronic Issuance of your Student ID Number (Student ID)

If you have submitted an incomplete application with missing required documents, IAD will contact you via email.

If you need to update your application contact details or have any questions about your application, please email:

Issuing the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) with Certification to Facilitate the Applicant’s Education Visa Application Process

IAD will issue you an official Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and a Visa Facilitation Letter addressed to the Thai Embassy/Consulate where you will apply for the Thai Education Visa (ED Visa). It is important that you precisely identify the Thai Embassy/Consulate as part of your online application here


  • After you have been granted admission, each Applicant will need to request a Thai Non-Immigrant ED Visa (ED Visa) from a Thai Embassy/Consulate in your home country or place of residence.
  • The Thai Embassy/Consulate will require you to submit the LOA and the Visa Facilitation Letter issued by KU.
  • IAD will provide only an electronic version of the LOA and Visa Facilitation Letter via the application system. Some Thai Embassies/Consulates will accept the scanned versions, but most require originals.
  • The Program Coordinator at the Faculty/Department which admitted you will send an official original LOA and Visa Facilitation Letter to you by international mail – but only if it is required by the Thai Embassy/Consulate you have indicated. The List of Program Coordinator

Completing the Non-Immigrant ED Visa Process Before Entering Thailand

After receiving the official Letter of Admission from KU, you should apply at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in your country (or place of residence) for a Non-Immigrant ED Visa (ED Visa) in order to enter Thailand.

You are not permitted to pursue studies at Kasetsart University if you only possess a Tourist Visa, or any other type of visa.

Information about the visa process and the location of the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in each country is available here

Visa Validity

  • Single entry: 90 days
  • Multiple entries: one year

Period of Stay – Depends on the Visa

Depending on the decision of the issuing Embassy/Consulate, incoming students may initially receive a Non-Immigrant ED Visa for a period not exceeding 90 days from the date of the first entry; some students may be issued an ED Visa that covers the entire duration of their studies.

  • The semester term at KU is usually 4 or 5 months, so if you are issued a 90-day ED Visa initially, you will need to request a Visa Extension from the Immigration Bureau located in Bangkok. The Kasetsart University International College (KUIC) can help you with that process.
  • Most ED Visas are issues as a Single-Entry Visa. This means you may only enter Thailand one time under that visa. Thus, if you wish to depart and re-enter Thailand, you must first apply for a Re-entry Permit (Single-Entry or a Multiple-Entry) at the Immigration Bureau (or at the Immigration Office in Bangkok’s International Airport) before they depart. If you leave Thailand without applying for a re-entry permit, your original permission to stay for 90 days will be terminated automatically, and you will need to obtain a new valid ED Visa in order to re-enter and to complete your studies at KU.

Re-entry Permit Fee

  • Single re-entry permit: 1,000 THB
  • Multiple re-entry permit: 3,800 THB

Fees are subject to change by Immigration Bureau policies.


Kasetsart University offers on-campus and off-campus dormitories. If you plan to stay on campus in one of KU’s dormitories, you should book your accommodation before you arrive in Thailand. For more information, see:

There are also many private residential housing opportunities, with a wide range of prices and amenities, located within commuting distance from campus . . . a short walk or 15-20 minute commute via the BTS Sky Train (Station Kasetsart University). You may book an apartment before you arrive in Thailand or you may choose to arrive a few days early and stay in a hotel or hostel while you search for your accommodations. In any case, there are many choices and international student generally have no difficulty in finding suitable accommodations. In all cases, Kasetsart University International College (KUIC) is glad to assist you.
For information about accommodations, email KUIC:

Health, Medical, Accident Insurance Information

International students must have health, medical, and accident insurance covering them for the duration of their study period. If an international student does not have sufficient health insurance coverage from their home country, the student must buy a health and medical insurance plan.
You should seek coverage from the time you depart your home until the time you complete your studies at KU and depart Thailand. You can find information here or contact KUIC Office upon arrival.

The KU approved health plan provided by AETNA costs 8,500 THB/year. Payment must be made to the designated bank account. For more information email:

** If you do not have the health insurance, you will risk paying a lot of money in case of accident or sickness; KU is not liable. **

As soon as you arrive and before the semester starts

You are advised to arrival in Thailand at least 2 weeks before the semester start. Please visit Kasetsart University International College (KUIC) at Floor 6, Rapee Sagarik Building, and show your letter of acceptance (LOA), Official Transcript or diploma and medical checkup certificate. KUIC staff will advise and assist you with:

  • registering as a new student
  • making a KU Student ID Card
  • setting up a WIFI account (Nontri Account) for internet access on KU campus

Buying the University Uniform

Exchange undergraduate students are required to wear the KU Uniform during class, examinations, and to all official events and university sponsored activities. You are requested to wear the KU Uniform starting with Orientation, so students should plan to arrive in advance and purchase the uniform before Orientation Day.
School uniforms are sold at the Kasetsart University Co-operative.


Map to Kasetsart University Co-operative

Registration of New International Students

Each new international student must register as a KU Student.
You can register your personal data online following these 5 steps:

Step 1. : General Information
Step 2. : Educational History
Step 3. : Permanent Address
Step 4. : Other Information, if any
Step 5. : Complete the information requested; this will create your Nontri Account used for WiFi internet access on KU campus

Making a KU Student ID Card at the Office of Educational Administration. Contact KUIC for assistance.

Activities on Orientation Day

Orientation welcomes and provides important information to new students. The information is important to any who are enrolling for the first time in one of KU’s full-term degree programs (Bachelor, Masters, or PhD) or as a Visiting Student or Exchange Student (one year or one semester).

  • Orientation customarily occurs in the week prior to the first day of classes, according to the International Programs Academic Calendar.
  • Kasetsart University International College (KUIC) explains KU’s course registration and payment system, Thailand’s Education Visa regulations and procedures (Visa Extension, 90 Day Reporting, etc.).
  • KUIC staff and guest speakers review KU’s academic calendar, forthcoming student activities, and introduce students to cultural norms unique to Thailand.
  • Usually, the Orientation program begins in the morning and is followed by a tour of campus with stops at important venues (KU Main Library, sports and fitness areas, etc.).

How to register for the courses you will take at KU:

  1. Visit your Faculty/Department office and make an appointment with your Advisor, Director or Coordinator of your program to obtain a Course List and a final Class Schedule and to confirm your Study Plan.


  1. Minimum 9 credits / Maximum 22 credits per semester
  2. Register by using paper KU1 Form.
    • KU1 Form must be signed by the Instructor of each course and by your Advisor (Program Director or Coordinator)
    • Once you have the correct signatures, bring your KU1 Form with proof of tuition payment and submit them at the International Studies Center Office.
  3. If you wish, later you can Add or Drop Courses by submitting KU3 Form.
    • KU3 Add/Drop Form must be signed by the Instructor of each course and by your Advisor (Program Director or Coordinator).

Once you have the correct signatures, submit your KU3 Form at Kasetsart University International College (KUIC). (Floor 6, Rapee Sagarik Building)

Study and Participate University Activities

Study hard in the courses you are enrolled, per your schedule of classes and try to participate in student activities on campus. Many student clubs are open to International Students.

Course and Credit Checking

Be sure that all your coursework and exams have been completed and received by your Instructors.

Transcript of Records

Unofficial transcript of records
  • You can print your provisional transcript from on your own while you still have access to KU system.
  • Undergraduate students may only receive their official transcript of records electronically in a PDF format. Be advised, there is no hard copy of the transcript of records; KU will issue the e-transcript via:

The e-transcript will be sent to your personal email address. Please ensure your personal email address is updated.

In case of any problem


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