The teaching and learning in each course emphasizes practical practice in the area and work with workplaces (work integrated learning), including the use of various technology systems in teaching and learning to lead to modern agriculture. Certificate courses are another way to create Re-skill & Upskill and the creation of new skills for learners that will become a career. This will present integrated learning for human development in the form of a Non Degree towards lifelong learning in the future. All set of courses are as follows:

  • Advanced Agriculture and Biotechnology
  • Digital Industry
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Food for the Future
  • High Wealth and Medical Tourism
  • Workforce and Education

The Workforce and Education industry focuses on developing professional and technical skills. To apply theoretical knowledge to practice as well as to promote learning throughout the life of people of all ages. Supporting the teaching and learning of skills in the digital age together with producing personnel to meet the needs of the market and industry as well as international standards.

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